Famous N2O Users

I promised to send out this list I have, with well known people, using n2o (nitrous oxide) as a drug. I am sorry, but this list is somewhat Anglo-saxon-oriented, but what can you expect? The original list was published in The Book of Lists by Wallechinsky. It also gives lists of famous people using cocaine, hash, morphine, LSD, mescaline, heroine and opium. If anyone is interested check out the book. It is a bit old, but still as interesting as an old Guinness Book of Records.

Thomas Wedgwood, 1771-1805, English Physicist
Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 1772-1834, English Poet
Robert Southey, 1774-1843, English Poet
Humphrey Davy, 1778-1829, English Chemist
Peter Mark Roget, 1779-1889, Author of 'Roget's Thesaurus'
Samuel Colt, 1814-1862, American Inventor of the Colt .45 revolver
William James, 1842-1910, American Philosopher (Read his observations)
Theodore Dreiser, 1871-1945, American Writer and Journalist
Winston Churchill, 1874-1965, English Politician 
Peter Ouspenski, 1878-1947, Russian disciple of Gudjieff
Allen Ginsberg, 1926-, American Poet
Gregori Corso, 1930-, American Poet
Ken Kesey, 1965-, American Writer

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